350Z Z33 TOMEI Japan Ti Racing Titanium Muffler Exhaust

350Z Z33 TOMEI Japan Ti Racing Titanium Muffler Exhaust

The TOMEI Ti Racing Titanium Muffler for Z33/350Z is an ideal product for customers seeking a high-quality dual-out racing exhaust system designed to deliver superior performance without compromising on the ground clearance of lowered vehicles. Made from TOMEI's original titanium material, this product offers robust durability and a unique aesthetic appeal.

The key feature of this product lies in its mufflers, positioned on each side after the split. This clever design element helps reduce noise levels while maintaining optimal flow efficiency. The pipe diameter has been carefully selected through numerous trials to enhance peak power without undermining low-mid torque performance.

The muffler is designed to reduce sound to meet track regulations but does not sacrifice the engine's potential. The end tips are slash-cut and adjustable, allowing you to alter the rear style to match different bumper shapes and personal preferences. Moreover, these tips feature the TOMEI logo, signifying the product's superior quality. The product's titanium material is known for its strength and long-life, ensuring the product will stand the test of time and continue to deliver exceptional performance.


The large muffler shells on the TOMEI Ti Racing Titanium Muffler are designed to tackle sound issues at the tracks without reducing performance. These mufflers are filled with high-quality, long filament glass wool, which is both durable and resistant to aging deteriorations caused by continuous high heat and high pressure.

The kit comes complete with everything you need for installation, including main pipes, main silencers, end tips, silencer bands, springs, gasket, clamp bands, flange nuts and bolts, band rubber, button bolts, bolt smooth paste, and an Allen key.

The material of the product is titanium, making it significantly lighter than its stainless-steel counterparts. This weight advantage could provide a slight edge in performance for those who are serious about their driving. The main pipe diameter is 80S-70W, and the pipe thickness is 1mm. The exit style is a slant cut with dual out, and the flange thickness is 8.0mm. Exhaust test levels at idling are 66.0db and at 4650 RPM, they are 105.5db.

350Z Z33 TOMEI Japan Ti Racing Titanium Muffler Exhaust

Lastly, to truly unlock the product's performance potential, it's recommended to use it in combination with the Ti Racing Titanium Mid Y-Pipe. This will create a true-straight 80mm exhaust system without any narrowing in the joint, providing the ultimate in free-flowing exhaust performance.

In summary, the TOMEI Ti Racing Titanium Muffler for Z33/350Z is more than just a product. It's a combination of superior design, high-quality materials, and exceptional performance that's perfect for automotive enthusiasts looking for the best in off-road racing exhaust systems. Whether you're hitting the track or simply looking for a performance upgrade for your vehicle, this product offers an excellent blend of performance, quality, and style.

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