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Tomei HEAD GASKET A12/A14/A15 79.0-0.8mm

Tomei HEAD GASKET A12/A14/A15 79.0-0.8mm

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NISSAN A12/A14/A15 φ79.0 0.8mm 1345790081 Metal Bead
1.0mm 1345790101


■ Improved Port Layout

・ Oil Inlet Port Layout
Early A12 engines have an independent oil inlet port while late A12 engines supply oil through a head bolt hole.
TOMEI Head gasket has one large, united oil port which allows it to fit both early and late models, as well as for those early models with heads swapped to the late model’s.

・ Water Line Layout
The all new oval-shaped water line ports allow it to fit A12, as well as A14 and A15.

・ Oil Return Port Layout
Each A12, A14 and A15 has a little different layout in their oil return ports.
TOMEI design has enlarged ports which allow it to fit A12, as well as A14 and A15.

■ Opposing Bead Type

All new opposing Bead design dramatically improves the durability and reliability under extreme conditions.

■ Improved Bead Line

Bead Line securely divides water lines and oil lines.

■ Heat Conductivity & The Strength of Stainless Steel

Flex and strong stainless steel SUS301.
Stainless steel was chosen to be the material of choice to make the Metal Gaskets with because of the heat conductivity efficiency of the stainless steel material to evenly distribute the heat and aid with cooling. This will greatly improve reliability and reduce the chances of problems.
The natural high tensile qualities of Stainless Steel greatly helps with increasing the joint ridged of the cylinder head with the cylinder block. This helps minimize the engine from warping when under severe stress loads that performance engines go through when running high power applications. The result is improved durability and added power gains.


All our metal head gaskets are laser marked with Models, Bores, Thickness, and TOMEI POWERED INC. company name.
Since there are similar/counterfeit goods on market, please make sure logos on Gasket.
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