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Tomei PROCAM BP-ZE NA8C EX 256-9.5mm

Tomei PROCAM BP-ZE NA8C EX 256-9.5mm

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エンジン 車種 IN EX IN EX
BP-ZE NA8C 252 256 9.20 9.50 IN & EX Set 143053
 252 9.20 IN 1495252092
 256 9.50 EX 1496256095


■ Designed to optimise the true performance potential of the NA engine throughout the entire RPM range.
*Instant Response: Quicker response from the engine with the touch of the throttle.
*Flat Mid Range: Stable smooth mid range.
*Rev Harder: Will rev much faster & rev to redline quicker than ever before.
*Can be fitted as normal on stock head.
*You will see performance gains even on the stock ECU.

Duration Max Cam lift (mm) IN/EX Max Valve lift (mm) Cold Valve Clearance
Valve Timing Centerline
Base circle Note
252 9.20 IN 9.20 110 33.6 Lash type
256 9.50 EX 9.50 34.2


Asymmetrical G-Controlled Profile

When opening the intake valve during high acceleration the G from the camshaft requires to send as much mixture to the cylinder in the shortest time possible. However if the speed is too high it can damaged the Valves, Valve Seats and Valve Springs if the Acceleration G is too high. The Asymmetrical profile design given to the camshafts will allow the Intake and Exhaust Valves to fulfill the target requirement with the wider duration and high lift without damaging the Valve System.

Maximizing the Valves Efficiency

The general purpose of engine tuning is to change the torque characteristics of the engine by changing the cams duration timing and cam lift amount for maximum torque and horse power. However tuning the engine is not only based on that. When going into finer details by maximizing the Valves efficiency is not just about timing and height lift but to also maximize the intake efficiency. The high valve lift allows huge amounts of air in but at the same time it mechanically damages the valve train and gains added friction loss. Longer cam durations and big cam lifts give deliver more power at higher engine speeds but it also gives a rough idle and at low engine speeds. Tomei engineers worked hard to produce camshafts that will deliver a well balanced profile at 1.3-1.5 times more than the stock camshaft.

Quality Control

Every camshaft is carefully built through these production processes. Plus, strict inspection will be given to them and only the highest quality products are shipped.

Surface Coating

Coating the surface of camshaft with manganese phosphate in order to protect from damage even when the camshaft has not lubricated yet. This has done by steeping press process that produces 0.5mm to 15 micromillimeter thin of manganese phosphate coating on its surface to prevent from direct contact with other metal parts while realizing smooth operation.

CNC Super Precise High Speed Grinding

The combination of a ultra high-speed main bearing and diamond grindstone is controlled by the computer. By using the same special-purpose machine as an automaker, high precision grinding is realized though in 1/3 period of time. Consequently, incredible accuracy of profile and remarkable price were realized at the same time.

Wavy Groove Finish by Oscillation Grinding

Wavy groove is curved to the cam profile surface by oscillation during cam grinding process. Oil pool that is formed on the cam profile surface reduces a friction loss and prevents locking.
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